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This is why i love Lady Gaga. FUCKING GODDESS!

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Lady Gaga - Iconic Tweets

"My sexuality just doesn’t play a very big part in my life like that. It’s much more of like, an animalistic, pure thing, and I struggled with understanding it my whole life because I felt more connected to male artists, rock ‘n’ roll, and glam culture. Femininity, the way that I learned about it growing up, I just didn’t feel comfortable in it. Like today, we tried wigs on, and the ones that were more girly or pretty, I felt uncomfortable because that’s not how I see my music. There’s a certain power in ignoring any sort of pretense about sexual orientation or gender. To me, a canvas doesn’t have a gender, so if you’re a vehicle, you have to annihilate all of those pre-conceived notions."

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